How To Make CBD Oil And What It Can Be Used For

Many are touting the benefits of using cannabidiol or CBD oil. It may be used to treat medical conditions or to help with stress and anxiety. It seems to be very effective as an anti-inflammatory and helps to lower pain. This oil is non-psychoactive and contains only traces of THC, the psychoactive chemical found in recreational marijuana. The oil is derived from the hemp plant and may be produced in several different ways. The oil contains CBD which is one of the many compounds found in cannabis.

There are three primary methods for extracting CBD oil. The first is the CO2 method. With this method uses very high pressure at a low temperature to push CO2 through the plant. This produces the purest form of CBD. Many consider this method to be the best for producing clean, safe CBD oil. The oil produced by this method has a cleaner taste but costs more than oils produced by other methods.

The next method is the ethanol method. During this process, grain alcohol is used. This produces decent CBD oil, but the alcohol seems to destroy some of the beneficial natural oils, too.

Increasing In Popularity

The oil method is enjoying an increase in popularity. With this method, a carrier oil is used to extract the CBD oil. The most commonly used carrier oil is olive oil. This extraction method is gaining popularity because the oil retains most of its nutrients and is free of unwanted residues.

CBD oil can be extracted from both medical marijuana and hemp. The primary difference between the two methods is the amount of THC and CBD in the oil.

THC is the chemical compound that produces the psychotropic effects found with recreational marijuana. CBD is completely different and in fact, often has the completely opposite effect. CBD is legal to produce, while THC is still regulated by laws in most places.

Hemp is grown specifically for its higher concentration of CBD. There are strains of hemp which have almost no THC present. Medical marijuana is bred to produce high counts of THC. This is why many manufacturers prefer to use hemp to produce their CBD oil. Hemp growers can also use their crop to produce clothing, paper, and other products.

CBD oil has several beneficial uses. It can help reduce nausea and improve appetite. It has been shown to be especially effective in helping chemotherapy patients fight the effects of their medication.

This oil can also help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It has been shown effective in treating the chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

This oil is also very effective at treating epileptic seizuers. It appears the oil helps stop the seizures and is safe for treating patients.

Early research shows promise in treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It appears using CBD in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease may help prevent some memory loss.

CBD oil is effective in treating several health conditions including stress and anxiety. The safest form of the oil is derived from the hemp plant. This CBD oil contains the highest amounts of CBD and the lowest amounts of THC.